Recently, i have translated a patent job about fitness machine, but i was confused by some terms,because it is about patent.

Here i will introduce some basics about sports machine to deepen our understanding of it.

As we all known, fitness machines is used to improve our healthy phsically and psychologially,which can be indived into two catergories, such as singal function and comprehensive multifunction.

As regards to single function machine,rowing machine,Treadmill,Striding machine,exercise machine,twist machine.

while as comprehensive multifunction machine, it can be divided into chest expander,pull-up machine,bench press and sit-ups machine. the first three items are used to improve upper body strength,the last one used to Strengthens the lower back muscles to Decompose Excessive Fat on waist and abdomen.

rowling machine can gain strenth for arms,form latissimus dorsi and enhance the coordination of movement.

exercise machine works like riding a bike, which can gain strenth for legs and build up cardiac function.

striding machine is for improving the function of leg,waist and abdomen and heart and lung capacity.

as its name suggest, waist machines is to relax and massage our waist.

business treadmill incorporated innovative proprietary technology and a whole set of entertain project for diliverying brilliant user experience. Its design of multiple preset program can provide vertsertail treadmill practice.

Bisiness machine is equipped with IFT drive controller.IFT drive controller support high voltage AC induction motor with 4.0 horse power combined with intergrated Footplant TM technology to control speed can bring a smooth and peaceful mind for user during the practice period.

Besides, it ultilise the Ground Efect control technology,which has unique suspension system that is easy to wear on knee,leg and back to maintain its responsiveness while reduce impulsive force and control.

It is a All in one entertainment chioce, it combines entertain design into a entity by using personal visulizable screen to creat and one and only high-end oxgen gym to provide better top member experience.

its computer programming was designed for easy operation. it just need 6 button to finish multiple preset project.

Its IFT drive controller support 4.0 horsepower high voltage AC induction motor to ensure its durability. the high reliability and accuracy of business treadmill speak for itself.

when it comes to traction control system, it can keep the belt and human’s pace in line with each other,while its suspension system is designed to reduce shock to ground and maintain its oscillating level on both sides to lighten the pressure on knee,leg and back.

inductive panel and entertainment activities all in one system was installed on the business treadmill The inductive electronics display together with comprehensive electronic entertainment system provide a more pleasure exercise experience while reduce the required time with the same effect.

Finnaly but not lastly,it has the capacity of button control. The button can react fastly and can release button sound which is easy for use for beginner or expert.

here is the brief introduction of the features and funcitons of business treadmill. If you would like to know more about it, you can refer to the relevant informantion on Internet.