I used to be convinced that a company can operate properly and develop steadily if only its employees have a dedicated and conscientious work attitude, but I realized I was wrong when I read a piece of an essay several days ago. Conscientious work attitude is not enough to support a company to achieve success constantly. Before demonstrating this opinion, let’s look at the following stories.

An elder guest left a parcel of soil from his homeland in the hotel when he checked out. You cannot imagine how crazed he was when he realized it because this parcel of soil meant too much to him. He immediately called the hotel and a front desk clerk answered it.

After knowing what happened, the clerk searched all rubbish bags in the hotel and finally found the parcel of soil. Undoubtedly, the elder guest deeply appreciated the hard work of the clerk.

Here is another similar story. An elder lady called the hotel and said that she left a curl of hair in the hotel and hoped that the hotel could find it for her. The curl of hair is his deceased husband’s hair. The lady missed his husband very much so she always carries it with her.

She just puts it under the pillow when sleeping. Due to carelessness, she forgot to take it when leaving the hotel. Unfortunately, the curl of hair was discarded as a refuse to the rubbish bin when the housekeeping maid was cleaning the room. Just like above story, the curl of hair has finally been found after searching all rubbish bins. Naturally, the elder lady was very grateful for the hotel’s big help.

You may be deeply impressed by their dedicated and conscientious work attitude. The both hotels spare no efforts to find the guest’s lost item. The guests retrieved their lost items, and in return the hotel obtained the customer loyalty. It is a success case, isn’t it?

Yes! It is just what an executive trainer thinks. He thinks they are good stories to highlight and advocate dedicated and conscientious attitude. When he was conducting a training session for a famous hotel, he told the two stories to its executives as usual. After telling the stories, he asked the hotel’s manager, “Have similar occurrences happened in your hotel? If yes, what do your employees do?”

The manager smiled, shaking his head, and said, “This will never happen in our hotel!”

“Have your guests never left their items in your hotel? Have you never met a guest who lost their items?” the trainer puzzled and asked.

“Oh! No! However, our hotel has a rule. Any forgotten items that guests may have left in the room will be collected and kept for 3 months to 1 year, no mater whatever it is, even if it is a piece of waste paper. In this way, we can not only show our high respect to our guests but also have not to spend a large amount of energy and time to find the forgotten items that the guests left in the hotel. ”

Now I don’t need to say more to you and you could understand why only conscientious work attitude is not enough. Because sound management system can prevent the problem from recurring forever, undoubtedly it is more important.