Sound Box: New Opportunity for Smart Hardware?

今年 2 月 21 日,我在微信朋友圈发了这样一条文字状态。“谁能用互联网思维改造一下家庭浴室,每次进去都要揣个扬声器很麻烦的,况且切首歌,接个临时电话简直是反人类。”几个月过去了,智能家庭浴室我还暂时没看到,不过可以通过语音操控的智能音箱倒是来了。

On Feb. 21 of this year, I posted a message in my friend groups on WeChat: Who can modify the bathroom with his Internet thinking, because taking a sound box into the bathroom is not a good idea and skipping a song or answering a call temporarily is not a humanized thing. After several months, the smart bathroom has not come into being, but a voice-controlled smart speaker box come into the market.

小智超级音箱是点名时间刚刚上线的一个项目,你可以将它理解为一个运行 Android 系统的 WiFi 音箱。其中最吸引我的有两点:

The Smallzhi Super Sound Box is a new project of, which you can consider as a WiFi sound box based on Android. It has two features attracting me most:


First, control music through voice and I love this most. Just imaging the control of music playing and switching through voice, you will feel that this way to “listen to” music is practical in specific situations (e.g. in bathroom when taking a bath, in bedroom when lying on bed before sleep). If you consider that, you will find those situations Smallzhi applies to needs music indeed but is not convenient to take out your phone, activate the screen and operate. In other words, it reduces the time to play and switch music through voice control.

第二是语音控制家电,听起来这个功能很科幻。刚进家门,只要喊一句“帮我开灯 + 开空调 + 开电视 + 关窗帘”,一切有关的传统家电就开始各自开工了。小智目前只是开放了接口,当接入第三方智能设备后,才可以通过语音控制家电,实现联动。不过,他们目前已经和欧博瑞、梦未来机器狗等智能硬件展开了合作,后续也会将其他设备引入进来。

Second, control home appliances through voice and this sounds like a science friction. Image the scene: when you arrive home and shout ”turn on the lights, air-conditioner, TV and close the curtain”, all related traditional home appliances automatically start to work. Currently, Smallzhi only opens the interfaces; the voice control and interaction of home appliances can only be achieved when a third-party smart equipment is connected. However, they have launched cooperation with smart hardware such as Opsearch & Dream Future robot dogs and will work to introduce other equipment.

From: The 36Kr

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