Now and then, we often come across some words or sentences that are difficult to identify the meaning, even the most experienced and skilled translators are no exception.

In such case, how would we deal with them? Ignore? Or return a translation with lots of guesses? Or just leave the source text as it is? Or directly tell your client that you just could not handle the work?

If you do know very little of the work, it is suggested that you drop it and let someone capable to handle it. And such case is not to be discussed in this essay.

Here we only talk about cases that you know most about the work but unsure about a few words and sentences. In my opinion, all methods above are not preferable in that condition.

To admit that you have some problems with the translation work does not mean you are incapable for that work. We can not know everything as a human being. Instead, that means you are careful and responsible for yourself and your client.

Sometimes maybe the words are too difficult to identify the meaning, or they have special usage is specified area, or they are just coinages created by the clients.