There are many kinds of ways to find potential customers especially for translation business. We can try to bid translation projects on Elance, Odesk, Freelancer etc, you will be overwhelmed by non-stop update project information if you concentrate on these platforms.

However, it is not easy to stand out in so many competitors, the customer will take you into consideration not only we can meet their demand, the price will be the biggest advantage. Compared to sit back and wait, it’s better to take the initiative.

Email marketing is also a way of promotion business, this step maybe more difficult because you even don’t know which company need our service, it is not easy to find potential customers by collecting customer data information, send 100 messages to have one reply will be very grateful.

This ratio of 100:1, the periodic is relatively long which less suitable for short-term development of high-quality customers, it will be a good one if we consider as a long-term plan.

We also can try to do in another way: expanding business contacts, one of the most profound knowledge from ancient times. By expanding your contacts, we will have more opportunities access to potential customers. This rule applies not only to domestic, also do the same abroad.

But unlike in our county we have a unique advantage: by visiting clients and having a face to face, the overseas clients cannot be real faced, it is not realistic, therefore, we can only use the power of the network, it is more than you imagined the rich and more useful.

Good use of this resource, you will gain a lot not only friends, but also business. They are a product of the times. Make efforts to improve your personal information and display yourself everywhere on the Internet, good business often starts from a good resume.

By searching, you can find many important people such as CEO, General Manager related to our business, you can try to send them email and introduce yourself to them, but remember that, do not hard sell yourself, we should establish a business relationship with them first, and get their trust, only by establishing a friendship with them, it will be more easier to start business.

There is an old saying in China “Throw a long line to catch a big fish”, that is the reason why said. So please take action now in 3 steps: look for potential customer, get in touch with them, then business.