This is a very small project, but we met many difficulties during doing this job, so it gave me a deep impression.

The project description: The client has a small website, he recently had it translated into simplified Chinese but not complete. He hopes us to proofread if there were typos and convert the remaining English words into simplified Chinese. He requires to log into the hosting account and edit the files.

In the beginning, we thought this was a very simple thing as we had skilled and professional proofreaders, translators & engineers. We could directly copy the content on website for proofreading and translating firstly, then the engineers edited the updated contents on it.

We anticipated to complete this in two days—one day for proofreading and translation, one day for edit. Thus we could deliver it ahead of schedule( the delivery time we promised was three days).
The first problem: We could not open the website the day we accepted this job so that we could not copy the content. There were two reasons for this: 1. The client’s website was not fully functional; 2. Our network speed was not very good in those days.

The solution: Our engineer used network proxy to open the website and copied all the content for proofreading and translating. During the proofreading, our proofreader found there were many basic errors except for typos. Then we advised client to add some extra money for us to do careful proofreading as we hoped to deliver him a complete website. The client agreed.

The second problem: The engineer revised all the PHP & Html files according to the proofread & translated contents, but they found almost all the edited contents were not displayed on the website. Also there were two webpages were written by JS and we could not revise the two pages.

The solution: We told the client about this problem, he suggested us to get access to the site through FTP and he provided us the FTP account & password, he asked us to import the files and then re-upload them to the server. We tried this method, but we could not get into the site successfully through FTP and the website was still unavailable to us.

Then the client introduced another contractor in China to us and hoped he could help us with this problem. We contacted him on Skype at once and asked if he could enter into the site, he said he could, just the speed was a little slow.
We cooperated with him to do the remaining work, he helped us to download the original web files. Our engineer revised them accordingly. Then he helped to upload the files.

Finally, we completed this job and did all the work as what we promised. The client thought the updated website looked wonderful. He was very satisfied with it and appreciated much for what we had done for him.

Some summaries on website edit: I think it may be better for engineer to mark out the content words to be translated in PHP, Html or Xml files, then the translators and proofreaders do the translation & proofreading in the files directly. This should help to save much time, also it will help to reduce mistakes and improve the efficiency.