The office is a place where many people work together. It is not only a social situation, but also a productive place. The relationship in an office may influence the working efficiency. Both the employer and employees can benefit from the harmony in office.To create a good environment, here are some rules of office etiquette we should pay attention to.

Show your respect. You and your coworkers work in the office as a team. It is the basic thing to respect your teammates no matter what position they are or where they come from. Remember that talking down to someone can never build you up. If you want people respect you, respect them first. Konwing the full name of your colleagues is an easy yet very effective way to show your respect. Never gossip your coworkers’ private life or intentionally pry the affairs of others. Proper distance actually helps maintain a good relationship.

Be on time. Punctuality is a likable character. It shows that you have a good management of your life. No one deserves other people’s waiting, and noting is reasonable to justify your regular late for work. You should find out the tardiness in your daily life and do something about it. For example, get up 10 minutes earlier, catch an earlier bus or try to avoid the rush hour. If you are held by unforeseen situations, let the people involved informed and try to figure out a second plan.

Carry your own weight. Do the fare share of the work required by your department. Take responsibility for your mistakes as an adult, and apologize and go about correcting the mistakes. If it’s not all your fault, apologize anyway. You still win others’ respect gracefully.

Step into the shoes of others. Everyone has his or her own working manners, it is impossible to ask every to act in the way you want. Often, problem comes when people fail to examine their behavior from other people’s perspectives. The truth is that most of us don’t intend to offend. If we show more consideration for other people’s feelings, there won’t be so much contradiction in the office. As the old saying goes, never impose the things you don’t like on others. For instance, if you find talking loudly with the cell phone or discuss fiercely in the office annoying, then you should know that others will have the same feelings when you do so. When you are not sure whether a behavior is advisable in the office, try to think in others’ shoes. If you don’t like it, avoid doing it.

Keep tidy. Your desk is the reflection of you. A tidy and highly organized desk tells a methodical owner. But the office is much more than just your desk. Public space such as the break room and toilet also needs you to maintain its cleanliness. When you enjoy the refreshments in the break room, don’t clutter the place so that others can share the enjoyment too.

Be friendly. A greeting as simple as “good morning” or “goodbye” can convey your concern to your colleagues. And the power of smile can never be overestimate. In fact it can bring sunshine on a gloomy day. Never wear a long face to your workplace even when you have a bad day, for it’s not so funny to work in an office full of poker face. Treat your colleagues with courtesy and support them whenever you can. A good reputation may likely be essential to your advancement in the workplace.

All these rules may seem easy to follow, but sticking to them everyday is quite a different thing. Life is not a mathematics questions. You can not keep counting how much you’ve given and how much you can get. Not only because it is exhausted, but also useless. If you can see the good side of your workmates and really mean to form a harmony relationship with them, things will become much easier and more natural.