Some Reflection for Fairchild Feedback

Several days ago, I dealt with a Fairchild project. After delivery, the client send back some feedbacks. Summarizing and reflections are as follows.

Error type: Terminology

Source text: Power Semiconductors Maximize Efficiency and Reliability

Translated text: 功率半导体最大限度地提高效率和可靠性

Reviewer’s observation: 电力半导体可最大限度地提高效率和可靠性

The wrong translation of Power Semiconductors, i.e. 功率半导体 is used widely, even in textbook. Please make a change. Actually it is virtually irrelevant to 功率.

Source text: From low power AC accessory inverters to {0}multi-kilowatt HV/EV down converters for 12V{1}DC{2} power.

Translated text: {0}对于 12V{1}DC{2} 电源,提供从低功率交流辅助逆变器到多千瓦 HV/EV 降压转换器等产品。

Reviewer’s observation: {0}对于 12V{1}DC{2} 电源,提供从低功率交流辅助逆变器到几千瓦 HV/EV 降频变换器等产品。

Translation of down converter may be wrong here.

Source text: Actuators

Translated text: 制动器

Reviewer’s observation: 执行器

Source text: switching

Translated text: 切换

Reviewer’s observation: 开关


Translated text: 汽车功率模块

Reviewer’s observation: 汽车电力模块

In most cases, POWER does not mean 功率, it may be 电力,or the more primitive meaning 动力. When it is used to mean 功率, it usually appears with a number of watts.


Translated text: 汽车喷射

Reviewer’s observation: 汽车喷油

In our glossary, injection is translated as 喷射. But client changed it into 喷油 here.

Error type: Accurancy

Source text: With a comprehensive approach to quality, safety and reliability, Fairchild distinguishes itself by providing AEC qualified solutions that solve complex challenges in the automotive market.

Translated text: 采用高质、安全、可靠的全面方法,飞兆半导体公司提供美国能源委员会 (AEC) 认为的解决方案来应对汽车市场的复杂挑战,使自己脱颖而出。

Reviewer’s observation: 采用综合性的提高质量、安全性和可靠性的方法,飞兆半导体公司提供符合美国能源委员会 (AEC) 规格的解决方案,解决了汽车市场的复杂挑战,使自己脱颖而出。

Source text: Fairchild’s Known Good Die program supports maximum yield in the application, using SPC to assure tight parameter distribution.

Translated text: 飞兆半导体的成品裸片方案使用确保参数分布紧凑的统计过程控制 (SPC),可在应用中实现最高产量。

Reviewer’s observation: 飞兆半导体的已知合格芯片方案使用 SPC 确保密集的参数分布,可在应用中实现最高产量。


Terminology accuracy is a major problem in this project. Thus, for those unfamiliar terms, translators and editors must search them in terminological dictionaries or through internet, or consult specialists, in order to choose the best translation.

Another problem is accuracy in understanding. Read more, think more, be more careful. Right understanding and expression is the essence for localization.