Recently, there is a wave of globalization due to factors including mass access to Internet, the globalization of trade, and expansion of educational exchanges, etc.

New technologies, growth of the world’s population, and shift in the global ecomomic areas have all contributed to the increase of the cross-cultural cummunication.

Language used by human beings is the most basic tool for communication, which plays a crucial role in the process of the human historical development. We use words to expresss feelings and views, to exchange ideas and so on.

Somehow, national culture shapes our methods. It also plays an important roly in influencing our way of using language. We should not only learn linguistic skills but also know the knowledge about foreign cultures if we want to be an effective communicator.

The social progmatic failures are usually caused by culture differences and lack of awareness about this issure. And it is necessary to find some solutions to deal with this, such as improve the awareness, fortify the practice with foreigners, seek and learn more related knowledge.

In order to have comprehensive understanding of the social progmatic failures during cross-culture communication, we should study the background first. At the same time, it is significant to understand the relationship between the languages and the culture.

Each time, we choose our words; phrases and segments by a culture tend choice in both oral and written way. If the cultural differences e have been ignored during cross-culture communication, we may express the fause messages and been minunderstood.

On one hand, the progmatic failures woule be just regarded as part of the grammar mistakes which are easy to overcome. On another hand, some social progmatic failures may relate to the speakers’ knowledge of languages and system of belief recognization. These would be much more difficult to deal with.

Example1, different writtinng forms of the address. This can be easily solved by simple explaination.

Example2, Compliment Response. Just suppose that a Chinese is praised by her American friend:

American: What a lovely dress!

Chinese: No, no, it is very common. Your dress is real beautiful!

American: Oh, Thank you! I also like it very much!

I believe all of us understand, even somehow inherit the traditioal modest. But it is quite natural for people to praise another, it almost a way of greeting.

However, there are many reasons for the socail progmatic failures. The different attitudes and valure systems for the nature, the peoples and the community. It needs time and patience to do study and more understanding and communication between each other. And finally make cross-culture an interesting and lovely event.