As I mentioned in my last blog that translation is a service not a product. So I would like to share with you my experience of selling translation services and products as I have more than 5 years of experience of selling wooden products such as picture frames, moldings and so on. Today I will focus on the similarities and differences between selling translation services and products.


The similarities of selling translation services and products rely on the word “selling”. Both of them are sold to the clients. They have standard selling procedure: we have to define the target customers, and then we use various selling strategies to persuade the customer to buy our services or products .After that we maintain the good relationship with the customers.


There are mainly three kinds of differences between selling translation services and products.

1. Target clients.

Anyone could be our target clients of buying our services, regardless the field, the company type and so on. While are particular groups of buying the products. For instance, if you are a buyer of picture frames and gifts, we can easily find you by various methods and make contact with you.

2. Turnaround time:

Generally buyers of products who want to build up a long term and stable cooperation with us ask us to send samples and catalogues to them. We have to send the samples and catalogues by DHL or other means of transportation. It takes more than one month from the very binning to the confirmation order. While selling translation services is quicker than selling products. It needs only a few days or even shorter time for the buyers to confirm everything as all are done through email.

3. Production:

Translation is done by human. One source material could possibly be understood and translated into different target materials. Products are produced by machines.

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