When I was translating software license agreement of Phase One the other day, I met the following sentence:

Except as permitted by applicable law you may not decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Software.

I wondered how to translate “decompile”, “reverse engineer” and “disassemble” into Chinese, so I looked them up in Google, and found they should be translated into “反编译”, “反向工程” and “反汇编”.

And I also found the following sentence difficult to translate:

You represent that you have not had export privileges suspended, revoked or denied by a U.S. governmental agency.

Later on I found a useful website: https://www.justice-imaging.com/locale/zh-CHT/page.aspx?i=581, in this site I found “suspended, revoked or denied” should be translated into “暂停、拒绝或撤销”.

I also found the bilingual law information system of the Department of Justice in Hong Kong quite useful while translating materials on law. Here is the link of it: https://www.legislation.gov.hk/chi/home.htm.

Today I am translating a report about a psychotic case, it talks about PANSS score. I found all the name of the PANSS items in the following website: https://www.5i9u.cn/dis_article34834.html.

Here is the English and Chinese name of the PANSS items:


P2概念紊乱(Conceptual disorganization)

P3幻觉行为(Hallucinatory behavior)





N1情感迟钝(B1unted affect)

N2情绪退缩(Emotional Withdrawal)

N3(情感)交流障碍(Poor rapport)

N4被动/淡漠社交退缩(Passive/apathetic social withdrawal)

N5抽象思维困难(Difficulty in abstract thinking)

N6交谈缺乏自发性和流畅性(Lack of spontaneity and flow of conversation)

N7刻板思维(Stereotyped thinking)

G1关注身体健康(Somatic concern)


G3自罪感(Guilt feelings)


G5装相和作态(Mannerisms and posturing)


G7动作迟缓(Motor retardation)


G9不寻常思维内容(Unusual thought content)


G11 注意障碍(Poor attention)

G12判断和自知力缺乏(Lack of judgment and insight)

G13意志障碍(Disturbance of voliton)

G14冲动控制障碍(Poor。impulse contr01)


G16主动回避社交(Active social avoidance)

And I found a ppt file in traditional Chinese quite useful, it explained the treatment of schizophrenia: https://www.docin.com/p-5414855.html.