Several Beginning methods of Debate

Come straight to the point

Some arguer illustrates his/her point of view directly at the beginning. It is a good way to focus on their standpoint. The audience can understand their points clearly.

For example:

As known to all, television has played a very important role in this modern world. It has not only greatly enriched our life and offered us entertainment, but also brought us information and knowledge. With its emergence, the whole world has become much smaller and better informed.

Reject the other party’s viewpoint

Some arguer point out the other party’s viewpoint first, and then reject that point to lead to their own point of view.

For example:

Our friend believes that television has played a very important role in the modern world. If I understand them right, they think television has brought us information and knowledge. With television, the human society is able to communicate with each other much better. I just wonder if they have considered if television has done us more good or bas. Have they ever noticed how many young minds are being perverted by the violence and sex shown on TV? Have they ever noticed hoe many people wasting their evenings sitting in front of television stupidly with their eyes glued to the tube? With television, we are supposed to communicate with each other better. But the fact is that television has made us even more isolated and more alien to each other.

Compare positive with negative

Some arguer compares positive viewpoint with negative viewpoint. In this way, it is much easier for the audience to understand which one is right and which one is wrong.

For example:

We take an absolutely different position from our friends. They believe television plays an important and positive role in the modern world. But our position is just the contrary: it is playing a negative role and leading us astray.

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