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Armaflex is a closed-cell material with a high resistance to water vapour transmission and as such has a ‘built-in’ vapour barrier.  Unlike traditional systems where each insulation layer must be protected against moisture infiltration by a separate vapour barrier, in Armaflex the resistance to water vapour transmission is built up throughout the entire insulation thickness.

This not only increases the reliability of the insulation system, but also reduces the installation costs significantly as there is no need for the time-consuming process of installing vapour barriers with sealants and special adhesive tapes.

[原]:Armaflex 是一种具有高抗水汽渗透性能的闭泡结构材料,因此具有“内置”隔汽层。与传统系统中每个绝热层都必须由单独的隔汽层来防止水汽渗透不同,Armaflex 材料对水蒸气传递的抵抗性能是建立在整个绝热材料厚度上的。由于不需要采用密封剂和专用粘胶带来安装隔汽层这一耗时的安装施工过程,这不仅提高了绝热系统的可靠性,并且大幅降低了安装成本。

[改]:Armaflex 是一种闭泡结构材料,抗水汽渗透性能强,构成真正的“内置”隔汽层。传统系统中,每个绝热层都必须采用单独的隔汽层来防止水汽渗透。相比之下,Armaflex 材料利用整个绝热材料厚度,大大强化了抗水汽渗透性能。由于传统的采用密封剂和专用胶带安装隔汽层的过程既耗时又费力,通过省却这一步骤,不仅提高了绝热系统的可靠性,而且大幅降低了安装成本。

Boon Edam is the acknowledged global market leader in revolving doors and one of the leading manufacturers of security access solutions. Today they present a new edition to their Tourlock High Security Revolving Door range. The Tourlock 120 Manual is a budget friendly, heavy duty model and the perfect addition to complement the range.

The new Tourlock 120 Manual is a three wing Security Revolving Door that offers alternating bi-directional traffic and larger compartments providing greater comfort and ease of use.

Equipped with a sensor system to detect any attempts to enter the door without authorisation, the Tourlock 120 Manual is generally found in unsupervised remote locations such as staff entrances or adjacent car parks, ensuring only authorised visitors are allowed to enter your building.

Until now the range of Tourlock High Security Revolving Doors consisted of two fully automatic doors. The Tourlock 180+90 has 4 door wings, offering smaller segments that physically limit the possibilities of piggybacking and bi-directional traffic.

Sophisticated Stereovision technology can also be incorporated into this model, detecting any tailgaiting attempts. The Tourlock 120 Automatic is the fully automatic version of the Tourlock 120 Manual, also offering larger compartments for ease of use and alternating bi-directional traffic.


Boon Edam 是全球知名的旋转门制造企业,也是安全出入通道解决方案界的先锋企业。 今天,该企业展示了 Tourlock 高保安旋转门产品系列的升级版。 Tourlock 120 手动旋转门是一款性价比超高(完全符合客户预算)的重型产品,完全填补了该系列在这一方面的空白。

新型 Tourlock 120 手动旋转门是一种安全的三翼旋转门,可双向交替旋转,门翼间隔更大,方便使用,为宾客带来更舒适体验。 Tourlock 120 手动旋转门配备有一套感应系统,用以感测未获授权的闯入行为,可有效确保仅有授权人员进入您的楼宇。因此,该系列产品非常适合用于无人看管的偏僻地区,如员工入口或邻近的停车场。

目前,Tourlock 高保安旋转门系列中包含有两套全自动控制型号。 Tourlock 180+90 具有 4 扇门翼,中间隔段较小,从而完全限制背肩载物和双向旋转。 该型号还结合了尖端的立体空间视觉技术,可有效感测到试图紧随其后进入的行为。 Tourlock 120 自动门是 Tourlock 120 手动系列的全自动升级版,它的门翼间隔较大,便于宾客使用,且能够双向交替旋转。


宝盾在旋转门领域是全球公认的市场领导者,也是世界领先的高安全性出入口解决方案制造商之一。今天,宝盾推出 Tourlock 高安全保安旋转门系列的新成员。Tourlock 120 手动旋转门是一款经济,高质量型号,扩展 Tourlock 系列的最佳选择。

全新的 Tourlock 120 手动旋转门是一款三门翼保安旋转门,可提供人流交替双向
通行,且具有较大的通道空间,提供更舒适和便捷的使用。Tourlock 120 手动旋转门配备

目前,Tourlock 高安全级保安旋转门系列包含两款全自动型号。Tourlock 180+90 具有 4 扇门翼,门翼扇区空间较小,从而减少了双向行人流量,有效限制了尾随入内的可能性。该型号还可结合尖端的立体空间视觉技术,有效检测任何试图非法进入的状况。Tourlock 120 自动门是 Tourlock 120 手动门的全自动版本,同样具有较大的通道空间,可方便出入,并允许人流交替双向通行。

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