That business model is based on wholesale costs of $9 per household passed and $30 per business passed for DSL-like rates.

[原]:此业务模式是基于类 DSL 价格,即批发成本为家庭每户 9 美元、企业每户 30 美元。

[改]:此业务模式以家庭接入用户每户 9 美元和企业接入用户每户 30 美元的批发价格为准,与 DSL 费率相近。

For T1 rates, the wholesale cost would be $100 per business passed.

[原]:对于 T1 价格,批发成本为每个企业 100 美元。

[改]:T1 费率的批发价为每个接入企业 100 美元。

Rates are lower for service providers that want to let their subscribers roam onto the Philadelphia network.



For years, operators and electric utilities have been looking for ways to leverage the capacity of low-voltage power lines for communications uses.



While not all homes can receive DSL or cable Internet, every home has power outlets.

[原]:虽然并非所有家庭可以接收 DSL 或电缆因特网,但每个家庭都有电源插座。

[改]:虽然并非所有家庭都能通过 DSL 或电缆接入因特网,但每个家庭都拥有电源插座。

The technology is growing up and gaining the respect of analysts around the globe.



The skeptics who just two years ago questioned the product shortfalls and technological expertise required to implement BPL solutions are now coming around.

[原]:两年前质疑产品短缺和实现 BPL 解决方法所需技术支持的怀疑者们又回来了。

[改]:两年前抱怨产品短缺并对实施 BPL 解决方法所需专业技术提出质疑的怀疑论者们如今也转变了观念。

Wired magazine even made the assertion that “after years of hype, connecting to the Internet over electrical power lines may finally be coming true.”

[原]:有线杂志 (Wired) 甚至断言“几年hype后,通过电气电力线连接到因特网最终会实现。”


This has occurred because of factors such as the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which encourages utilities to investigate new technologies for distribution network maintenance and operation.

[原]:这一现象的发生是因为一些诸如 2005 年的《能源政策法令》的因素鼓励公用事业机构研究分配网络维护和操作的新技术。

[改]:促成这一情况的因素包括《2005 年能源政策法》,该法案鼓励公用事业机构探索新的配电网维护和操作技术。

One of the strongest supporters of BPL has been the U.S. government. The FCC has reported that regulatory uncertainty in BPL has been dissipating over the last year.

[原]:BPL 最强大的支持者是美国政府。FCC 报道,BPL 中管理的不确定性已于去年解决。

[改]:BPL 最强大的支持者是美国政府。据 FCC 报道,BPL 法律法规的不确定性已于去年得到逐步缓解。

From Telecom Trends International estimating BPL being a $4.4 billion business in 2011 to Research and Markets estimating that BPL subscribers will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 106 percent between 2006 and 2012, there is considerable market optimism fueling the technology.

[原]:从“国际电信趋势”(Telecom Trends International)估计的 2011 年 BPL 业务为 44 亿美元到“研究与市场”估计的 2006 到 2012 年间 BPL 用户将复合年均增长率为百分之 106 的速度增长,推进技术有着相当可观的市场前景。

[改]:“国际电信趋势”(Telecom Trends International)估计 2011 年 BPL 的业务量为 44 亿美元,“研究与市场”(Research and Markets)则估计 2006 到 2012 年间 BPL 用户的年综合增长率为 106%,由此可见,这项技术蕴含相当可观的市场前景。

So, when it comes to helping service providers deal with “nonpaying subscribers sucking up all of their precious bandwidth,” he says, “we can control that?per subscriber, per application, or in aggregate.



There”s a lot of flexibility to control upstream and downstream bandwidth.”