Sending emails have always been problems in our jobs, such as sending emails to clients, to RM, to translators and so on. Different emails have different requirements. If we write an email well, our target will not only get all the information, but also be happy to read it, because it takes little time.

When I entered this company, I wrote emails to RM and translators. The title has always been “translation project from English to xx”. Then our manager told me it is not a formal email and will cause confusion.

She said, if the titles were the same all the time, our resource manager would not be able to know if they were the same project or not. Now before sending an email, I will enter the project into the BO system as first. When the PO number produces, I will title the project “project xxxxxxxxx (PO No.) from English to xx”, then it will be clear to him how many projects he will arrange.

I think it is a precious experience to me to arrange things orderly. My projects are arranged timely and little misunderstanding occurs.

If you think it is enough. That is wrong. Because the content is also a key factor that must be clear for the reader. What you want him to do, what the project is about, the deadline and so on, these should be specific.

In my emails, I will tell the RM I would like a translator and an editor for some project, how many the word count is, the tool should be used, the field it relates to, the deadline for delivery. Then he will find the right persons I want to do the job.

But an email to a translator is a little different from the obvious one. Apart from such information, I have to add specific instructions of our client, and provide previous TM for this project. By doing so, the translation can be consistent.

Writing to an editor is also challenging. Instructions of the client are something you should provide. Other important tips are to make it clear which parts are for editing, and what problems are when the translator is doing the project.

Then the editor will keep it in mind which part he will pay more attention to. Apart from above points, the deadline should be emphasized, too. Otherwise, you cannot meet the delivery deadline and lose the trusts of your clients.

These are what I do in my jobs. That is, to make each project requirements clear and easy to read to the target person, reducing confusion and mistakes. But I often accept emails that are not clear and also time-consuming.

I think everyone has the responsibility to make his email clear to others, including sales person. Language pairs, special requirements, word count, deadline, and the rate and so on, these are important information that the sales should make them clearly. Most of the times, I just get confused to read emails.

As their information are not easy to read. They send emails to their client, then they get an order, then they discuss the cost, back and forth, producing a very long email. I have to read each email to confirm that I did not miss any information in case the client has some special requirements.

It is really time-consuming, especially when many urgent projects are waiting for proceeding. So why not set some rules for sales when they send emails to PMs, I think everyone will be appreciated for this. On the other hand, sales are clearer about clients’ requirements. So they know exactly what our clients want to do.

Some sales are doing well in sending emails. When I see the email, I will know immediately what I want to know. As I can easily get informed the detailed information of the project. Then I can arrange it more quickly and it really saves time.