I was just doing my translation, when suddenly a phone call came in. It was from Japan, called by one of my closest relatives, and said “it came through a huge earthquake just now”. I was shaken by this news, and search for the corresponding news on the Internet. There was little news about this new disaster at that moment, maybe it is too short for people to make reactions.

• These days, I have been paying more attention to the situation in Japan after earthquake. I saw pictures on the TV that huge seismic sea wave swallowed villages, roads, and cars, everything it could. I could not believe it happened for real. It just like what I’d ever seen in the movie “2012”. It was truly happened. Lots of people got lost, and thousands of them announced death. When meeting with such kind of disaster, we human beings were pale and incapable.

• Tsunami raised by huge earthquakes, and then nuclear power station’s explosion came after. We can not forecast the damage of radiations from the explosion and leakage. What I can do, is to bless, may god bless, may god bless the situation could be under well control.

• Just a few days before the Japan earthquake, Yingjiang of Yunnan province came across a magnitude of 5.8 quake, not as high as the Japan earthquake, but resulting death and damages as well. 25 of citizens reported death, and a few injured and get medical care in hospitals.

• Disaster weathers are not welcomed by us, but it likes to come directly and unannounced. What on earth results these disaster weathers? I can’t stop wondering. Do they have any connections with our human beings and human behaviors? What were the situations in ancient times, when there was no pollution, no overcharging cut and no large-scale construction everywhere?Climate change, ecological imbalance, environmental pollution…these situations are pushing us in extremely urgent. If we do not pay enough attention to these and do something, maybe one day, we were just like the ones in “2012”.

• We are able to do something to the best of our ability. We can live a life of low carbon, that means we have to save electricity, gas, fuel, water; we can refuse using disposable tableware, plastic bags; we can save paper by using electronic billing; we can walk or take bike riding instead of driving; we can protect wild lives, refusing eating those wildlife; we can recycle and reuse old clothes, electronics, home appliances and so forth. We can do anything we are able to, most of time, environment protection is just hidden in our daily life.

• If you do not like earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, droughts, sand storms, debris flows, unknown diseases, ever-changing climates, extreme hot and extreme cold, then join us, choose low carbon life, save every drop of energy, save our environment, save our earth, and save the life of ourselves. Come on, we do not like any disasters; we do not like any family separations.