In recent years, with the expansion of China’s activities to foreign countries, translation activities also increase, China’s translation market is in full swing now. However, because of the immaturity policies and unsound construction of some translation companies, different kinds of problems show up in their development.

To keep a stable position and speak loud in the translation industry, one has to keep his product in good quality. So does translation company.Thus, to improve product quality, and create competitive advantage, human resources, or we call translators part time or full time, of the translation companies are of great importance. And we need to make a number of practical advice and implementation methods to the resource management.

With using the modern scientific method, human resource management, refers to the training, organization and adjustment to the human resources who are taking charge of specific positions of the company, therefore, to keep human resource best match with their positions. And at the same time, proper induct, control and coordinate to human resources’ thoughts, psychology and behavior, thus, they can show their gift fully on specific things, and the company can become more powerful and professional.

By definition, we can try to understand the human resource management in two ways, namely:
(1)From the external element of human resources -The management to the amount of human resource. In order to keep the best ratio and the organic combination of human resources and position requirements, we need to make appropriate training, organization and coordination on the amount of human resource, based on amount changes of the human resource and position requirements. (2) From the external element of human resources -The management to the quality of human resource. That is, with using the modern scientific method, effectively manage human resource’s thoughts and behavior, thus, human resource can adjust themselves according to position requirements, and show their gift and ability thoroughly.

We need to make an analyze on the main kinds of translation talents of the company.Generally speaking, the required “professional translation” in the translation market is not the same with that of literature. English Graduates usually can hardly translation those machanical or technical texts when they just come out from colleges, they need to stimulate experience on a specific field. Professional translation mainly refers to translation as a professional communication between different languages, and it is undertaken in a particular occasion or environment. It is a service for specific customers.

Usually, to complete a translation project, we need to go through processes of negotiating translation projects with the customers , reviewing manuscripts, writing term, splitting the source text, translating, combining the translated text, typesetting and final proofreading.

In the translation industry, translation business is not confined in the text compiled, but also needs lots of professional translators come from different positions of different fields, and the translators must have profound knowledge on the field, he or she is an advanced knowledge-based talent. To keep high quality translation, translation company should focus on the management of these core translators. Professional translator is the key to the prosperity of the company.

From the analysis of the characteristics of the translation industry, we can see, effectively cultivate and manage a number of high-level, professionally trained translators is a necessary condition for the translation company to survive. To a large extent, the quality competition among translation companies is the competition among the qualifications of translators. You have good translators, you can speake louder and stand more stable in the translation industry. In this prosperous but disorder market, how to win the war of talents is a top priority in the management of the translation company.