Quantitative research aims at collecting data and concluding facts to provide a direction by asking objectives’ view in an organized way. It is a key factor that objectives that accept the research should be in a large scope so as to get an authentic and reliable data acquisition. Also it is important to ensure that all these samples you researched are representative for your target market.

What a significant first phase step is the research before you take key market assignments in charge including marketing plan preparation, doing SWOT analysis, produce development, branding and pricing.

Besides that, it is necessary for market research to notify your strategy of internet marketing—everything from your website design to email, SEO and other social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

If you are not sure about if the quantitative research is needed, you can read the top 20 questions of our guide that research could offer you answers.

The representatives of quantitative market research are customer surveys and questionnaires, which can be implemented face to face with a clipboard and pen, through the phone, by email or post, through website or online.

Survey questions must be considered carefully so that you can get a reliable statistics. Therefore you’d better not only ask whether people know about your business, how often they visit it, what kind of products they buy and the place they choose to purchase the same products and the reason.

Quantitative market research: asking the correct questions

Answers on an organized questionnaire are usually closed, that is to say they demand objectives who reply the questionnaire to choose from a specific selection of answers and respondents are not allowed to qualify their answers or explain.

Therefore a man who owns garden centre may be curious about how often you buy plants and gardening supplies. And there may be five choices for respondents to choose: once a year, 2-3 times a year, once a month, every week. There may be one or two questions asked in a semi-structured questionnaire where the answers are open-ended.

It is possible to set up a clear picture of how customers act through asking a large number of people the same question