During the QA process, we should also pay attention to the same translation, but different source words. Also the different translation but the same source words.

1 Same translation for different source words

1.1 Words in similar spells

Due to similarity in spelling, different source words are sometimes translated into the same target word. Be careful to avoid such kinds of mistake while translating.

Source Text Incorrect Corrected
Remove the back cover. 移除后盖。 移除后盖。
Replace the back cover. 移除后盖。 替换后盖。

1.2 Words representing directions

Words for direction are sometimes mistranslated or out of sequence in the translated text. Pay attention to these words during translation

Source Text Incorrect Corrected
Scroll left or right to On. 自左向右移动滑块解锁 向左或向右移动滑块解锁
Scroll left or right to On. 自右向左移动滑块解锁 向左或向右移动滑块解锁
2 Inconsistency

2.1 URL or Web address

Please keep the URL same as the source text and treat them as non-translatable. Also, a same source text is sometimes translated differently. Please stick to the structures of the source text or at least translate it consistently throughout the life of a project.

Source Text Incorrect Corrected
Visit socialhub.samsungapps.com for more details. 请访问 www.socialhub.samsungapps.com 获取更多详情 请访问socialhub.samsungapps.com 获得更多详情。
Visit socialhub.samsungapps.com for more details. 请访问 https://socialhub.samsungmobile.com 获取更多详情. 请访问socialhub.samsungapps.com 获得更多详情。

2.2 Inconsistent terminology

A word of same meaning is sometimes translated into different target words. Please keep consistency in vocabulary while translating and stick with the literal meaning of the source texts.

Source Text Incorrect Corrected
Open the application list and select Videos. 打开程序列表并选择“视频” 打开程序列表并选择“视频”
Open the application list and select Gallery. 激活程序列表并选择图册 打开程序列表并选择图册
Open the application list and select Music. 激活程序列表并选择音乐 打开程序列表并选择音乐

After all, we should take such kind of errors into the consideration of QA rules.