Preface: In the beginning, the client hoped to have his OS commerce website upgraded completely and nicely with many requirements. We felt very sorry that we could not help him to fix so many things on limited price. We suggested it would be much easier for us to design a brand new website on Magento.


1. Will the new website include all the features such as all items should get a catalog number besides the model # and the catalog number should show on page for costumers, similar products should show on each page, we should be able to select which item should show In-Stock on website or Limited or nothing etc. Will Magento be easy to learn?

2. How about loading a file?

3. How will your process be for this website development?

4. Will you be available for any help with the site after finishing the site?


1. The new website will include almost all the features, and also it will have some other function you haven’t mentioned. Magento has many advantages, its running speed is fast and very safe and steady. Its style simple and elegant, the purchase process is clear, and its function is rich. Magento is a complete ecommerce website system, it can provide all the complete functions of ecommerce website.

So it’s very popular nowadays. Actually, Magento is easy to operate, it also provides video courses to be learned easily. Please refer to the website we developed: I think this site may be similar to the one what you expect.

2. There’s CMS in the site and you can upload products there. It can support single or batch loading, the speed is fast and the operation is more convenient. The easy way of uploading products is to let you download all your products into a csv file, edit them in the spreadsheet of your choice, and then re-upload them to update your products, changing prices, categories, quantities, etc.

3. If you think it’s Okay, we’d like to develop the website in 3 steps. The first one is for the logo & the homepage design draft. In this stage, we’ll design the new Logo and the homepage draft for your reference and make the revision until they are confirmed; The second one is for the Demo of the website. In this stage, we’ll make the prototype design & inner design drafts, and provide the Demo for your reference and make the revision accordingly until you are satisfied; The third one is for Final version of website. In this stage, we’ll deliver you a functional website and upload it to the server as well.

4. Yes, we will provide one month’ free revisions after finishing the site, but this is just for basic revision, not for big function revision . Also you can contact us when there’s any problem and we’ll provide the assistance.

Magento Website Design Service from CCJK

CCJK has very skilled and professional web engineers to help the client to design a nice and functional new website on Magento with 100% client satisfaction. If needed, we can provide the client a test account of the back-end, in which they can know the details about the website during its development and can give their comments on it, the engineers from CCJK will make the revision accordingly. Actually we have plenty of experience in this field. Trust CCJK, Trust Yourself.