Recently, I can hardly see the computer display clearly, unless get closer to the display than before. So I went to an optical shop and had a vision test yesterday. I was amazed to be told that I had a diminution of vision by 100 degrees.

So I got new lenses with higher degrees for myself. Eyes are the mirrors of the soul, undoubtedly, it is very important to protect our eyesight. Listed below are some tips for you:

1. The easiest way to protect our eyesight in daily life, I think, is to do eye exercises, which can allay the tiredness of your eyes and prevent myopia.

2. Get yourself enough sleep and don’t stay too late at nights, for lack of sleep will result in pseudomyopia.

3. Avoid looking into the sun in the high noon. The strong sunshine may be dazzling and damage your eyesight.

4. Don’t watch TV, work on the computer or play electronic games for too long a time. That is to say, you have to get your eyes rest in every one or two hours. Otherwise, your eyes are under severe influences.

5. You should not read or write for too long a time, and get yourself rest in every 50 minutes. You can stretch yourself or look into the greens in the distance; this will protect your eyesight effectively.

6. Going out for activities regularly. Looking to the distance from a high place will get your eye muscles relaxed, which can prevent myopia. Keep close contact with the nature, where its green mountains and rivers can bring you joy and relax. So let’s get out, get health.

7. Don’t rub your eyes with your hands when you get tired, for your hands may carry lots of bacteria, which will get into your eyes and result in eyes disease. Just close your eyes for a moment when you get tired.

8. Get balanced nutrition and don’t be particular about foods. Eat some foods which is good for your eyes in the right amount, such as animal livers, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A.

9. As translators, we cannot perform our work without computer, so protecting eyesight is especially critical for us. You can put some paper files beyond your reach on purpose, so you have to get up and distract your attention when you need then; or you can have a drink or chat with your colleagues when you are not busy. These will certainly protect your eyesight.

Every time I look into the night sky,

I saw hazy stars,

Someone told me it is hazy beauty,

But when I put on my glasses,

The very night sky becomes clearer, brighter and more beautiful,

With stars twinkling and moon smiling,

My world was lighted up,

It was when that I truly feel the beauty in the world.