The aim of project review is to find the way of success and how to make improvement through the analysis on the performance of the whole project. It will be good reference and lessons for future projects and gain the greatest customer’s satisfaction and keep long-time good cooperation.

Project review is the consequent action throughout the whole project summary flow; on the one hand, more depth discussion will be made based on the result of questionnaire for customer’s satisfaction last stage, on the other hand, the result of project review will b the main content for project summary report.

Therefore, the emphasis of project review is to make sure that all persons involved in the project can give relevant feedback and suggestion as much as possible. In other word, the range and depth of participation of project members in this phase will directly determine how we can succeed in the project review.

For the content which project review cover, it should include the below:

Project analysis and project setting



Project management


The flow applied

Translation quality

Technical quality

Localization tool kit

Client’s feedback which obtains from customer’s satisfaction questionnaire.

There are two forms of project review; one is, the project manager effectively organize the project review meeting between internal and external to get the feedback and suggestion on the project from internal staff and client as much as possible, the other is, the project manager analyzes and integrates these feedback and suggestion to develop into relevant project review document. The aim is to raise a series of practicable improvement suggestion by analysis, and assign the relevant staff to get these into action, to make sure that we can continuously optimize project flow and to show clients our efforts and improvement on these issues.

1 Project review meeting.

The purpose of project review meeting is to get summary on the experience, gain and loss from the project. During the implementation of project, each department always summarize their own problems and have no change to get the feedback from other department or staff, so the project manager should integrate all related information in this phrase.

Project review meeting includes internal meeting and external meeting.

Internal meeting refers to the meeting which is held by the project manager and is participated by internal staff involved in the project. Before the meeting, project manager should provide a standard project review document template for every project team member and ask them to fill in their feedback and suggestion on the project as detailed as possible. Subsequently, project manager integrate all feedbacks and suggestions into a unified document and send it to all members. Thus all members can read through before meeting. It will help all members to get know about the gain and loss for the whole project and get preparation for deeply discussion in the meeting, it will also effectively save meeting time.

All team members should join in the meeting as equal status, and expose all potential problems as much as possible. It can be said that the purpose of review meeting is to provide a series of practicable actions in order to provide better groundwork for future projects. So, make sure there is relevant person who is responsible for the implementation of these actions and make sure to meet the aim of expectation.

The review result of internal meeting will be the fundament of external meeting.

The external meeting refers to the meeting which is held by the project manager and is participated by internal main project member and client. Before the meeting, the project manager should sort all project review documents which are obtained from internal meeting and then send to the client. Usually, the client will hold their internal meeting based on these documents and give relevant response on the questions, and also raise their concerns and then send back the updated documents to the project manager.

The key of the external meeting is to make deeply discussion on these updated documents on both sides, especially for the raised questions, both sides should give practicable improvement action, avoiding bring the same question into next project and creating better environment for future projects. It will strength the cooperation with the client and make future project going more smoothly, more effectively.