In the 3rd Chapter, there are several words which couldn’t figure out the exact meaning and kindly refer as below:

Original sentence “Set Splice Suppression Parameter” 翻译为“设置结合屏蔽参数”

Based on customer’s feedback, the exact meaning of Splice is “In web inspection (Roll To Roll material) the inspected roll after a certain length has a end of roll and the next material roll starts. The materials of roll end and roll begin are connected together. Often the material between end of the roll and beginning of the next roll is called splice or roll splice”. So translated into “结合” is not correct, “拼接” or “叠接” could be more precise to express the meaning.

Another word “Heartbeat” appeared in the part of signal description. Normally we know heartbeat is a kind of the movement or sound of the heart as it pumps blood around the body, but when it occurred in the signal description text, it must have a quite different meaning. Customer’s explanation of this word

The heartbeat is a signal line to the customer with a fixed high and low signal frequency to show the customer that the inspection system is alive and still working. So translated into “心跳” is not proper and after detail consideration, “信号节奏” would be better and could express the exact meaning.

Sometimes during our translation process, we can’t keep the unity of the context and always use different Chinese to express the same English words or phrases, such as “material flow” and “Electronic Cabinet”, In Chapter 1 and 2, I translated into “材料流”, but in Chapter 3, the translated version changed into “物料流; And “electronic cabinet” in some sections translated into “电子机柜” and “电子设备柜”. This kind of mistake is mainly cause by my carelessness. So once we translated each chapter, we need check closely and ensure all the similar words or phrases are consistent in the context. I would pay utmost attention in the subsequent process of translation and avoid making such mistake again.