1. Not just fulfilled what you are required to do!

For any task your superior has asked you to do, please always think whether there is anything else that you need do, besides the clearly specified work by your superior.

For example, you have received a translation job. You finished it and delivered the translated file to PM before the deadline. It seems that you did a great job, but in fact, it is not enough from the perspective of the superior. You can do more! You can create a glossary, list the attention points, and even determine the tone and expression style so as to help finish the incoming translation of the same project in a quicker and better way.

2. Try your best to solve any occurring problem.

When your superior asked you to finish a job, please always try your best to solve any occurring problem and ask your superior if necessary for help or advice. Never try to cover the problem and wait others to help you to solve the problem. You shall proactively think how to solve it, and find the solution.

Only through solving the problem by yourself can improve your working ability and make yourself become more mature and professional. By showing your problem-solving ability, you actually testify your own value, so your boss could put you in an important position and give you a higher salary. Therefore, to be a thinker not a worker now!

3. Take some time to think your way of doing business is effective or not.
Working hard is necessary but not sufficient. You may always feel exhausted at work but still hardly improve your performance even to a slight extent. However, looking around the other colleagues, some of them always seem to easily finish their work up to high standard.

It is not because their work load is smaller but because their working efficiency is higher. The difference is that they can manager their time and work more effectively. They are actually not less-loaded but more organized and more productive.