To most professional women, days begin with the turning on of the computer. And after work, some of them still stay in front of the computer untill they go to bed. When you enjoy the efficiency and entertainment computer brings to your work and life, have you ever noticed that your previous glossy skin never come again; mottle, black spots and acne emerges on your face; or the skin becomes dry? If you have these problems, you may suffer from what is called “computer skin”.

Why dose the white and smooth skin is getting further and further away from you? That is because an operating computer can generate static electricity which makes harmful substance adhere to your skin. Day by day, the harmful substance irritates the skin and magnifys pores.

Experts also find out that the electromagnetic field created by static electricity can activate the melanocytes. As the secretion of melanin rises, pigmentation appears on the pearl-like white skin, while previous spots, such as freckles, chloasma, sunburn, acne marks become more and more conspicuous.

Whether you have the problem of “computer skin”, the most important thing is prevention. So the first step is applying sunscreen or make-up base with sun-blocking function. These skin care products not only protect your skin from computer related radiation, but also sun radiation on the way of commute.

Secondly, clean your skin. Many smart people will clean their face thoroughly after one day’s work with computer. But this is not enough. Because static electricity generated by the computer screen makes plentiful dust fall on the face, we should go to the toilet for a face-washing after one hour’s sitting in front of the screen. If you use the computer at night, don’t forget to clean your face before going to bed. You don’t want to sleep with the dust on your face all night long.

The third thing is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water can replenish skin moisture loss thus prevent wrinkles. It can also promote blood circulation, and accelerate the melanin’s decomposition and absorption. Of cause ,you can drink some anti-radiation things like green tea.

As for diet, foods full of vitamin C is good for skin-whitening. And vitamin E is believed to be useful in fading spots.

In addition, most working people suffer large pressure from jobs which probably cause the disorder of incretion system and maladjustment of ennvironment to such extent that the skin become dry and lose luster and accelerate the skin-aging. So the function of mental regulation cannot be ignored. For example, you should know how to relax yourself.