In my opinion, the preparation for Project is very important!

Usually, we’ll be hurry to start the translation once the project is awarded as all of us hope to finish it in the shortest time to make good impression on the client. But as we known, translation projects are not just translation work, they also require careful and serious analysis and preparation.

1. Prepare “toolkit”

Project management staff will make kit after the end of the project analysis, Kit includes all source files, a glossary of terms is provided by the customer or confirmed by the customer, customer reference files (memory, if any), the style requirements as well as on delivery and other aspects of legal requirements;

2. Resources to prepare

According to the aforementioned analysis, do the work of the interpreter selection and reserve, including the identification of areas of expertise talent and linguistic quality control person. At the same time, organizations try to translate translator selected by the Secretary in accordance with the customer to further standardize the translation style with selected customers to meet their own requirements;

3. Manuscript

Project manager manuscript areas of expertise, language difficulty, as well as customer requirements and determine the final translation staff and reviewers, as well as the number of personnel. In addition, the project manager will make the project schedule to determine the half-way in batches the turnaround well as the final delivery time, determine the type of translation tools to confirm the cost of translators, proofreaders, layout and other aspects of;

4. corpus preparation

If the customer provides a reference document as well as a glossary, this summarized and distributed to the appropriate translators and proofreaders. If the customer can not provide reference information and the manuscript involved in professional sectors, project staff need to use tool to extract high-frequency professional word professional and post-translational word Please confirm. The confirmed Termbases will be sent to all translators and revisers personnel involved in the project, to ensure consistent terminology and proper nouns expression;

5. files’ distributing

According to the characteristics of the project, the project manager select different levels of translators (considering its daily processing capacity and professional background) and enable some of the new interpreter; when the manuscript delivery time is tight and to translate larger than when, the project will provide the appropriate translation sample (template) translation requirements (style and language) and customers recognized Glossary;

6. Arrangements preliminary assessment of

For an official document to be published, we will translate began translating some text Please confirm further accurate grasp of customer requirements and translation showing the style of the customer needs.