Part IV – Self coordinating

There’s a saying that “Our biggest enemy is ourselves.” As PM, sometimes we handle 7-8 projects per day and 80-90 projects per month and always have an hectic schedule in communicating with all parts. With both internal and external pressure from yourself and from your boss, colleagues and clients, how are you going to strive for a better performance? How are you going to persuade yourself to be patient to each tiny amendment and countless queries? How are you going to keep moving on despite difficulties or misunderstanding keep occur?

How are you going to keep yourself update in this fast pace working enviornment and realize your working goal and a qualified and promising future life? How are you going to upgrade gradually your knowledge and level and really grow up as a mature individual in the society?? How are you going to keep yourself ahead of your team as an outstanding project manager, not only for yourself, but also for your clients and your company?

We all have to find the answer very carefully and arduously all by ourselves in this long march of translation. I remember that once I saw a signature on one of our translator’s qq board, it says, “What the world understands about China is what translator translates about China, what China understands about the world is what translator translates about the world.”

Don’t worry, and just adhere to what you are doing right now, coz it’s my belief that translating is a GREAT CAUSE, like millions of people have always been carrying out. Also I believe that once you have the faith, you will never be afraid, neither feel helpless. And, undoubtedly, be confident on yourself because you are the ONLY one that can be 100% for yourself and everything.

Keep close contact with translators, work together with colleagues, provide excellent service to clients and create long-term value for the company. That is what I think PM should always do and adhere to. To fulfill this task, we’ll also have to keep expanding our knowledge of different aspects to a wider extent and higher level, keep improving our training and EQ on how to get along with others, having responsibility on our job, developing and professional skills in both language and tools. In some sense, self-coordinating is almost everything. That is a topic that you are going to learn and carry out throughout our whole life.

That’s what I learnt and thought up till now and hereby thanks so much for your patience. Hope we can work successfully as always and creat together a splendid future!!!