I always consider how to learn English well. Standing on stage, I give fluent and touching speech to thousands of people. Or communicating with foreigners freely, I translate both language to Chinese and other English-speaking people without any pause and difficulty.

That’s a perfect dream. What I can do now, is fighting for it! And the picture thinking, is one idea that hits on me all of sudden, which I guess will help me learn English well.

Picture thinking is a way of thinking when you want to express an idea. Picturing the idea into a vivid image in your brain first, then you just express the idea with the image.

For example, when you are asked how do you expect your dream mate. Normal thinking maybe is just depicts the look directly, black hair, slender legs, big eyes, etc. Describing and thinking at the same time, you

focus on subjects you describe separately, and you pause for a moment to create anther words. Picture thinking is different. You imagine the looks of your dream mate at first to create a picture in mind.

In the picture, you can see her eyes, her legs, her body, everything is specific and vivid to you. Then what you need to do is just describe the picture you see. Meanwhile you create another picture and continue the conversation.

The difference between normal thinking and picture thinking is subtle, to some extent. What you give out may be the same words and same voice, however what works inside is different.

Normal thinking starts from words, but picture thinking from images. The former creates words and sentences in brain one by one. Comparatively, the latter builds images one after another, and linking them by logic.

Picture thinking, especially for abstract topics, has big advantages. If you use the method well, it can cure speechlessness, to a large extent. Make a compare, when you stand on a big stage to give a lecture, the nervousness always make you out of words.

Because at that time, you brain just cannot create words in a logical way at all. However creating a picture is much easier. You can have a try. Describing an apple V.S imagining an apple which one is easier, of course the latter is. So after make a picture in your brain, you just need to depict the image you see.

At that time, you are speaking depend on the picture, which can make yourself refrain from speechlessness. However the precondition is, you have to use the method proficiently, and get used to it.

As for me, I haven’t been that proficient now, and I am not get used to it either. It’s just an idea need to be practiced. For most of time, I always forget to create a picture before I talk.

But when I think there is such a way of thinking, I become confident for future English learning. And the dream of standing on a big stage to give a speech seems achievable, and the picture of that that day seems imaginable.