At the beginning of this month, I just wrote Picture Thinking I to illustrate a kind of thinking might improve speech ability to some extent. However I was rather disappointed that I didn’t carry it on well. From then on, I seldom used that method when I was thinking. What a shame! So I take this opportunity to remind me of Picture thinking!

Picture thinking is a kind of thinking, also a kind of habit. So how to cultivate the habit is what I want to argue about for the rest of this BLOG. I heard that it takes at least 3 weeks, in another words, 21 days for a man to form a habit. Not hard and not easy, too. Not hard, because if I force myself to thinking in picture model and stick to it for over 21 days. It seems that I could obtain that kind of thinking and use it well. While it also not easy. Picture thinking is a new concept for me, compared with usual thinking which has controlled me for 24 years already. It is supposed to be unchangeable or hard to alter. What I can do?!

At first I thought daily chat could help me with picture thinking. Not at all! When I was in a chat, I could only focus on the chat itself, on the people I talked to. It is really hard to change my thinking model into picture thinking, and I was not supposed to be polite when talked to someone with mind-absented. So I am going to put this method aside and try something else.

I will arrange a time table for everyday training. For example, first step, half an hour daily I immerse myself in the picture thinking and try to create different topics. Second, when I get used to training alone, and seems get a little bit improvement, I could have face to face conversation with people. To be noted that, the conversation is not a chat like daily friend talking. It is a conversation like little speech giving. Call my good friend together, create a specific topic and carry the conversation on. At that moment, just demonstrate what I learn during the alone-training, and get used to face to face conversation gradually. And the third step, throwing myself into the real word.

Words above mean nothing without actions at all~