This week I was responsible for 19 kinds of languages. In the beginning, when I accepted the project, found that there were 38 kinds of languages, including Serbian, Russian, Romanian and other languages and so on, covering European languages, East European languages, Asia languages and languages in other continents.

Although there were only 361 wordcount, and another PM who was responsible for this project before provided me some resource person who could do these translations, I still thought I could not complete the task in two days, so I asked Icy for help. Then she asked another PM to help me with this problem.

Both of us were responsible for 19 kinds of languages.

During proceeding the project, I had to find tens of people who could complete it. Although I delivered the project to the sales a little later than expected time, finally, it was completed.

Later, I make some conclusions concerning this matter. I think if we do as follows, can we make a difference in being better providing translation services without bearing too many risks.

Firstly, two PMs are responsible for one similar kind of languages. For example, these two PMs are responsible for European languages, while those two PMs are responsible for Asia languages, so on and so forth. Reason to do so: I am often assigned different languages.

If I am responsible for languages I am familiar with, then I can find resource more easily because I often cooperate with these persons and know who can provide better translation services and charge less. If I were responsible some kinds of languages I am not familiar with, then it would cost much time in finding the right person for this job, so one PM is responsible for one similar kind of languages.

Secondly, why I said two PMs are responsible for one similar kind of languages? Not only because some of our languages are wide spread languages, and most of our services are translating these languages, but also because by using this way we will bear less risks in losing some resources.

For example, if I was the only person who is responsible for Latin language, when I was on a vocation, or I gave up this job, then another PM would be responsible for this job, he/she will be confused about which person to use, how much the rate was, and when the translator would reply your project. If we look at this matter in a large scale, we can easily find some factors are included.

Firstly, time, including response time and charge time. Secondly, money, if you are not familiar with this person, you are more likely to provide more for the same job. Thirdly, risk, the risk of not knowing if the translator can assign the project on time and the quality he provided.

Fourth, losing resources, if I quite this job, perhaps some of the frequent translators are not used by another PM who takes over my job, then we are very likely to lose some talents. That is why I said two PMs are responsible for one similar kind of languages.