Observing Layout of Tencent Games: Trade-off and Ponder in Mobile Generation

2014 年第一季度,腾讯 QQ 的智能终端月活跃帐户达到 4.90 亿,微信及 WeChat 的合并月活跃帐户达 3.96 亿。腾讯手游总收入 18 亿元人民币,环比增长约两倍。其中手机游戏的付费用户基数环比增长一倍以上。相比之下,腾讯端游产品线的增长步伐明显放缓。

In the first quarter of 2014, the monthly active accounts of Tencent smart terminal reached 0.49 billion while the combined one of Weixin and WeChat was 0.396 billion. The gross revenue of Tencent mobile games rose about 200% for chain related ratio to RMB 1.8 billion while the premium users of mobile games rose more than 100%. However, the number of games available on Tencent platforms grew slower obviously.

在苹果 App Store 的游戏类畅销排行中,前十名的游戏有多达 7 款来自腾讯。而已知的产品中,尚未计入 Q1 财报的《天天炫斗》、《雷霆战机》,以及还未上线的《糖果传奇》、《全民打怪兽》都蕴含着巨大的营收潜力。

In the bestselling list of App Store, Tencent accounts for 7 games in the Top 10. Among those well-known products, “Doo-hyun Day”, “xTom-3D”, which have not yet been taken into account in Q1 Financial Report, as well as the unpublished “Candy Crush Saga” and “Monster Taming” all may facilitate Tencent to obtain massive revenue.

但是,腾讯手游也将面临其在端游时代遇到的很多问题。例如,庞大的产品线对腾讯的项目管理、运营提出了很大的考验,为了争夺手机 QQ、微信等内部资源,游戏项目组之间需要进行复杂的竞争与拉锯。

At the same time, Tencent mobile games will also confront a couple of problems it once faced during the client game generation. For example, the huge product line requires more excellent project management and operation, as well as the complicated competition and seesaw struggle with different project teams to contest internal resources provided by Mobile QQ and Weixin.

另外,微信平台相对封闭的生态环境和较高的抽成比例(此前有腾讯和开发者 9:1 分成一说)也使得腾讯难以吸引到优质的游戏内容提供商,这也在一定程度上限制了腾讯手游的发展。

In addition, the relatively enclosed work environment and high commission distribution rate (it is said that Tencent and the developer respectively account for 90% and 10% of the total revenue) of Weixin platform make it difficult for Tencent to attract high-quality game content suppliers, which, to some extent, constrains the development of Tencent mobile games.

From: The Iheima

Translated by Demi, CCJK Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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