Q: My request is simple, I would like to publish the book in Korea, so first I need to translate it into Korean.

A: Thank you very much for your enquiry for translating your book from French to Korean. It’s really nice to e-meeting you here. Since the language pair is so rare, the cost turned out to be not cheap. The charge would be 0.15 EUR per source word. I understand it’s pretty expensive, therefore I would like to check if you have ever translated your book into English.

If we can translate from English to Korean, the unit rate per word could be dramatically cut down to be 0.1 EUR per source word. If you have no English version available, I would like to suggest you translate from French to English with a cost of 0.08 EUR, and then translate into Korean based on the English version. By doing so you can get two languages with 0.18 EUR. Please let me know how above sounds, and please don’t hesitate to contact me should you need any assistance.

Q: The book has never been translated to English but to limit translation lost, I prefer to keep the translation from French to Korean. Regarding your proposal of 0.15E/word,

1. Can you please detail you entire translation process ?

2. Can you please also provide translation duration ?

3. Can you please provide information about your french translator(s) expertise and reference in novel translation from French to Korean ?

A: Thank you very much for the detailed questions. Please find below my answers.

1. Our translation process could be described as “TEP 1-2-3”, i.e. Translation, Editing and Proofreading: (1). We use a qualified translator who is experienced in his/her field to translate the file from French to Korean. The translator needs to ensure the translation to be technically and grammatically accurate in general way. (2). We use a second linguist to edit the translation completed by the first translator, checking for errors and correcting any issues with spelling, grammar, or formatting. (3). We use a native Korean proofreader to go through the translation based on the pure Korean version, to make sure it reads fluent and adapted to the Korean market. We will make sure to pick one of the best translators to do the first-line translation while use a native Korean proofreader to make your translated book easy to understand for the Korean audience.

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2. Based on a daily productivity of 1,500 to 2,000 words, we need 1 month to get the book translated and proofreaded.

3. Our database shows there are 4 qualified translators for French to Korean translation. One of them has ever translated mysterious novels from French to Korean but contractually not allowed to take credit for the novel translations therefore will not be able to share the reference with you. The another translator is a native Korean teacher majoring in French also has a French husband and is pretty confident to do the translation well

If necessary, I would like to suggest you send me one sample page and I will arrange our translators to do a trial translation so that we can choose the best translator for this project. Of course it’s free.

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