In these article series, i would like to make a summary of my monthly projects, aims to help translators get rid of / take care of such mistakes.

1. Special Bundles
in marketing, this phrase means special product bundling, a marketing strategy that involves offering several products for sale as one combined product.

especially, i would like you to pay attention to the word “special” when it comes to market area, the meaning of this words has been expand to special price/discount .

my suggest translation: 优惠套装

2. Do we need to translate the language option?
from a global website, they may offer many webpage language options for you, so please do remember, do not translate this, leave it to the original language word.

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3. Save
in some phrase like: big saving, academic saving, some linguistics translated the word save into “保存”(keep,conserve), this is really not the case. here save means how much discount / money you can save

4. Restock Fee
when you bought something home, opened the product, and felt unsatisfied, wanted to return to the shop.

the shop would charge you the “restock fee”, the fee of repack the product and restock it onto counter.

my suggest translation:上架费

5. software special
as i mentioned above, you should pay extra attention to special when it comes to marketing area translation.

some of the linguistics may translate it into “软件特色”, you can say it a wrong translation, but it is improper , and doesn’t reflect the real meaning of the English text.

my suggest translation: 软件特惠

6. 8-hours battery life
does life here really mean “生命”, i do not think so

you can’t translate it to 「八小时电池寿命」, this is wrong! 「八小时电池续航能力」is more accurate.