It has been about 2 months, since I entered into the big family of CCJK. In this period, I learned a lot of things which can never be knew from school or books especially the two philosophy of CCJK.

Those things influenced me greatly, from my characters to the field I specialized in, I feel lucky to have the chance to work here. So I would like to share my feelings with everyone in my first articles.

The first philosophy our company taught us I want to say is ‘Be Grateful to Clients, Parents, the Company and Employees’. This sentence implied that we should keep a grateful heart to things and persons around us. As a staff, we should express our heartfelt thanks to our clients to provide us good chance to strive for a good career prospects, no matter the appraise is praise or complaints.

What we should know that praise makes good men better and bad men worse. We must not take praise as a permanent thing but encouragement and expectation from our client. Only can we realize that can we do our work more perfect. On the other hand, if we received a letter of complaint from our clients, the most important thing we should do is to find out where and why the mistakes and so on occurred.

It is well know that failure is the mother of success, everyone will experience failure even though he is a genius. So when we encounter failure, we should make ourselves more hardworking, courageous and determined. After do this, we will get approve from our clients with no doubt.

For my part, at the beginning of the work, I was easy to make some mistakes, for example, I once kept some proper nouns without any changes because I don’t think they need to be translated. When the client ask me to revised it, I just know it should be translated indeed.

From this affair, I know that proper nouns need to translate in some cases. On the other hand, I realized it is vital to ask for advice on something which I am not sure.

This philosophy also tells us that we should be grateful to our company. I have been working in CCJK of Changsha about two months, I love our company very much. You may be wondering why. There are so many reasons can be figure out. First I like the ways of working.

In my opinion, it is tempting to take a Flexible Working Time. Thanks to this way, I can choose my working time by myself. In other words, I can start my work at a time a little later than the standard.

Although I had never late for my work, but I do think it is a good measure for us especially when some unexpected incidents happened. Secondly, I like the working place in our company.

Our office is very bright and has plenty of sunlight which makes me feel comfortable and relaxed while come into the office. Besides, our company organized some interesting activities.

By doing this, the relations between colleagues become more harmonious. Because of some reasons, I failed to going to the first activity. When colleagues show me the photos, I feel so regret for not taking part in it.

How I wish we could have more interesting actives in the future. Moreover, our boss and superiors and colleagues are all very friendly to me. To work likes working with family. The atmosphere in our company couldn’t be better more.