I still can remember the interview for entering CCJK. The interviewer was our current manager Ben. We have talked for a long time. I decided to work in CCJK on that day, just because I felt CCJK was a promising company. Besides, I feel comfortable to communicate with leader, which is very important for me and my future work.

I began my work on November 3, 2012. Before this, I ever worked as a foreign trader and translator. I ever translated some material in Canon. At that time, I and my colleague mainly dealt with Canon product booklets or website content. However, in CCJK, everything is different.

Firstly, I should try to understand various industry and products or service, such as finance, law, IT, medical etc. As we all know, nobody can master every industry or product. Therefore, when I come across a strange industry or product for me, I must research and consult related material from Internet or CCJK internal materials. I know clearly that it is possible to translate it well only when I master related knowledge.

Secondly, there is a Quality Control System in CCJK including editor, PM and customer complaint. I am a translator, whose level is very important to the whole task quality. I should do it well. And then editor embellish it properly. After that, proofreader and PM exam the job. Finally, PM commits it to the customer. If the customer asks to do other correction, we should do it according to his/her requirement.

As I contact and translate materials in various industries, I firmly learn medical and IT knowledge, and develop towards these two industries. In order to do it well, I plan to do my efforts from the following aspects.

Firstly, continue to accumulate medical and IT knowledge including professional words. Medical industry is extensive, including drug, medical equipment, healthcare, etc. For example, last week I finished a translation task for medical equipment, which involved some professional words, such as Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System (真空水泥搅拌系统), elbow replacement(s) longevity (肘关节置换术寿命), Acetabular Cup System (髋臼杯系统).

Secondly, read this kind of articles or reports (both in English and Chinese) as more as possible.

Thirdly, I will compare both editor’s (such as editor Felicity who is specialized in medical industry) and my articles, and then find out the differences, and learn the excellent expression.

CCJK is a humanization company. We can see this point from our company’s slogan:

Good Character Makes Good Business (先做人,后做事)
Be Grateful to Clients, Parents, the Company and Employees

CCJK is a warm family. All of us can lead a happy work and life. I will try my best to do job well together with my colleagues. Love my job, love CCJK.

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