After several days of training and some projects in operation, now I have a basic understanding about the entire workflow. Based on the preliminary understanding, I would like to talk about some thoughts for each step of the entire workflow.

Firstly, after get an order, I need to discuss all details of each aspect with the customer, then give a reasonable quotation. Ensure the translation files are in editable formats, arrange it to a suitable interpreter. After received the clear instruction from customers, then we can officially start our work. Meanwhile make the record in BO, and also inform the interpreter began to translate. There are some preparations before we start the work:

1.Check the integrity of the file given by customer; 2.If the customer does not supply TM and Glossary, we need build a new one, and send to the client for confirmation, then we can change according to customer requirements, and save the files for our future need.

While making the record in BO, we should ensure all the details have been written, especially the project name. and also note that to get a job number in the BO, then we can put the number mail when we allocate tasks to the interpreter, in order to facilitate our future search.

Then, after the interpreter finished translation, to check with the layout editors as per the specific requirements of customer if needed. Anyway we have to ensure all the demands of customers have been clearly conveyed to each department.
Then, check again to confirm if everything is correct, then deliver the files to customers as schedule.

About the feedbacks given by customer, we should timely discuss with all the related departments, and to implement it. When Communicating with customers, we should always keep patient and kind.
Finally, archive all the final files in company’s server, which will be good for the future management.

Throughout the operation, there are many issues to note, so the detailed work is indispensable. In addition, timely and effective communication between various departments is very important in order to complete the delivery favorably.
Because there are many specific works I have not contact with, my knowledge now is limited.

However, I think with the word move forward, my experience of dealing with problems will gradually increase. In short, I think there are a few words is the key to do the job well, “meticulous, patient, and communication.” I Hope my future work can be proficient under the guidance of all the kind colleagues.