I have joined ccjk for more than a month, here i want to make a conclusion on my job with the hope to improve my future job.

i know that i made several mistakes for whatever reason,but i consider i should find out the way to avoid to make the same mistake again,rather than placing the blame.

we often say that more haste,less speed. as a translator,it’s natural for us want to improve performance,but the precondition is quality. i have work as a translator for nearly two year, i know very well that what quality mean to us, better quality is beneficial to ourselves and our company.and it’s the responsibility for a translator to try his/her best to return the original meaning in another language. so i believe there is no need to emphasis the importance of quality for translation.

Frankly speaking, eventhough i know very well that i should give priority to quality in whatever situation. but i made a mistake. i haven’t forcastedmy speed of translation.so that i can’t finish my job in time,even sacrificed the quality of my translation job.

Besides, i want to emphasis another important quality for a translator, that’s carefulness. Some times i found that i have forgot to do something project manager told me several minutes ago, because i have another job to handle, so i forgot the unfinished job or for whatever reason.

This kind of problems may often occurs, but i found that i should write the matters others tell me to do down to avoid the same mistake. In translation, i have to consider lots of things, so does otherthings realted to it, some times it may cause heavy trouble for you and some one else.

Such as forcaste your speed and time for a project, if it’s not easy for you to finish the job on time, i should tell the manager or project manger in time the real situation, especially for those very urgent project.for those translation job which have to be done online, i should check the page carefully, such as the language button(if any, check it carefully and make sure i was on the right page as specified,which is very important!)

Last, i want to emphasis the job of comparing the original translation and edited translation job.as far as i concerned, it’s a better way to find out the mistake i have make, if i can take advantage of it appropriately, my translation will be improved notably. So i think i should do this job at proper time and make a balance between translation and compare.