I have been in linguist department since May 15th. It is not proper to say it is a tough time or easy time, but a time for me to learn how to do translation well and to be a good translator.

Here, I would like to conclude my points on it. May it be correct or not, they are applicable for me.

1, Be careful, some words look similar, but the meaning is far different. Also, I shall pay attention to the mistakes to avoid it happen again.

2, Know how to judge the main structure of the sentence. Main structure helps us to master the center meaning of the sentence. While other compositions like leaves to make the structure rich.

3, Be a good learner. For some materials which are brand new for me, I even know nothing about it before translation; in this case, I have to collect as much information as possible to get the basic understanding.

4, Be patient. Especially for the complicated content, I have to analyze it piece by piece. It would be a nightmare if no patience involved. I will mess up and want to give up. I tell myself calm down and calm down. Luckily, it works.

Some more points I shall conclude later, but for now, I have only such few.

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