A month ago, i fortunately joined CCJK. As a new translator here, my experience here is not only fresh and fruitful, but also impressive and doomed to be long-lasting .

Experiences with the people. Jenny Yang is the administrative manager here, so she is the first one who received me even in the job-hunting period here, and her hospitatible attitude as well as easygoing manners left me a very good impression.She consistently gave me helps in the past month, from explaining the minute regulations of the company to even the use of this blogging.

The second person i want to mention here is Miss Wu, the head of the translation team here. She is much more than a seasoned knowledgeable translator and instructor to me, she is also an elder sister of me! when i made the same mistake again and again in sending formal emails, she swared to punish me every time but never took action.

How lucky i am to have her as our team head! Third but not least, i want to thank Ben, our general manager here, he started to help me as early as the very day i came here for my test for applying the job here.

Maybe my performance in the test is not very good and i might have been rejected by the company if i hadn’t showed him my enthusiam for and dream in translation to him in the elevator where i met him. In a word,without his help, i may not got the opportunity to work here.

But that’s just a little part of the story. On the weekdays,when we have to work overtime, he was so considerate and kind to me and my colleagues that he treated us by a free nice supper.

He also gave us lessons on Trados, a translation software that we have to use at work etc. So i will always offer you my sincere gratitude to you three persons. and i will also give thanks to all the people here to embrace me to join the big family.

Experiences with the work environment and the work itself. The atmosphere here is free and relaxing, which i love very much. Everybody is ready to accept other’s advices and i am warmly welcome to give suggestions on everything of the company, from new-employee trainding to big managerial things.

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And my advices matter! We have training classes one hour for every week, most of them focusing on traditional Chinese or software-using. We take test every day, about IT glossary or traditional Chinese used in Taiwan.

But if you failed in the exam, the punishment is not so hateful – buying some fruit for all colleagues! So we could enjoy fruit frequently. It is nice, isn’t it?

I know my experiences with CCJK is just beginning and there is a long distance ahead, just as the distance to be a qualified translator. But as i have shared with you above, my experience here will bound to be enjoyable,fruitful and long-lasting.