My hometown, a small village in Guangxi province, is always full of fun and mystery.To me, it is a box which holds my fascinating childhood memory. Everything here can remind me of the joy. I could still recall the days when I was still a little girl. Though poor, it did not keep me from enjoying the days. Its yellow soil mixing walls seemed like the shining sunshine to me; Its clear blue sky made my mind fly far and far away; its wild fruits were my light refreshments…

And today, my hometown has changed dramatically. However, my love is ever increasing. The improved economy conditions do not take the joy from it. Instead, our people can enjoy their life to a higher level.

The following pictures from my hometown show you the folkways still prevailing.

The picture shows the ciba(糍粑)and zongzi(粽子)。These two things are necessary for every household for Chinese New Year which indicates we are going to have a surplus every year. At the same time, the family members get together to make these things on New Year eve, it is also a precious time to enjoy the get-together moment.

As you can see in the pictures, our people are holding a matching in my hometown. As the economy conditions improve, we hold the sport match every year, so that the youngsters who have been working hard outside across the year can enjoy their time. It is an opportunity for our people to raise the awareness of body-building.

The interesting pictures above are about the Annual Bull Fight Temple Fair. It is a traditional fair held every year. Many people will crowed to the fair on that day. The first picture is a religious celebration before the fair. Several Tao masters will deliver the celebration in their splendid attire. After that the fair will get start.

Next one is the Lantern’s Day. This festival means that the Chinese New Year comes to an end. In most part of China, people have Tangyuan(汤圆)on this day. But in my hometown, all males of the villages would get together to worship The Gods for the kindness to have new babies (mainly refer to male babies in the old days) born or prey for more new babies the coming years.

After that all males of the villages would have meal together. This traditional festival is still remained nowadays. What it has changed is that not only the males but also the females attend the activities. We also have the Gragon Dance and Lion Dance on this day to observe the festival.

Another important festival in my home town is Qing Ming Festival, also Tomb Sweeping Day. During this festival, people (many people who work outside will try to come back home) will offer sacrifices to their ancestors who had passed away. The activities include family-wide and village-wide tome sweeping activities. And the colored rice is the necessity.