The way people use information is changing, and people increasingly prefer to watch videos instead of relying on the written word. Presenting in the way of video can transform complex content into material that can be paused and stored for a long time in a simple, understandable, and interesting way. No one can deny the impact of animated videos on our daily culture, and an excellent video catches the audience’s attention more than any other learning resource. Multimedia video is not only helpful in learning but also helps enterprises to train new employees and promote the latest products for enterprises, thus making enterprises successful.

Multimedia includes audio, video, animation, Adobe, Flash, etc. Like any other content, multimedia content must be localized to suit different languages and cultures. CCJK provides comprehensive video and animation localization solutions to achieve the desired effect in language arts and cultural resonance, meeting the needs of all translation and localization of commercial advertising, digital marketing, and online training.

Our multimedia localization services include:

  • Video transcription
  • Video dubbing
  • Voiceover Subtitle
  • Audio and video post-production

CCJK has the expertise and experience to handle complex video projects. Whatever screen text and other text in the video need to be translated, our translators are very skilled in translation and localization. Finally, the multimedia technical engineer replaces the source language text in the video with the target language text and integrates it into the target language version of the video.

CCJK multimedia localization team consists of native language dubbing experts, senior project managers, and professional video, audio, and image processing engineers. Build an excellent studio equipped with professional recording and post-production equipment to ensure that the final product delivered reaches the highest standards of voice fit and quality. We also have a good relationship with professional studios around the world, can match your projects with more than 200 native language sound resources, and help your video to successfully enter the target market.

CCJK has a mature multimedia localization technology, through high-quality subtitle translation services to help customers smoothly in the process of globalization, to improve the global market competitive edge. Whether your service needs are video, TV programs, commercial advertising, digital marketing, online teaching, etc., we will provide high-quality subtitle translation and production services in over 200 languages based on our rich practical experience.

CCJK team is ready for your multimedia project!