In my previous post, i tell you some general ideas about social media optimization (smo) in china..

This post, i’m gonna write something further!

So when you live in a world of social media, what should you optimize?

1. At least, you need to detail your information.

once someone got a crush on you, and open your profile, only to find a account name with nothing further information…Most of the people would move their mouse straightly to the right top “X” – close

so at least detail your profile, let people know who you are and show your sincere to be their friends.

2. some valuable content.

let’s take Sina Weibo (As twitter in america) as example, if your twits are full of urls, you are far from the right way, just like a webmaster’s twits full of love quotation, this is definitely out of the road.

More valuable content, less advertisement, time after time, you will get recommended.

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3. try your best to be followed, to get fans

one of the most amazing things about social media is the infinite social network.

like 1+1 > 1, when you got 1 fans, what you really get in your network are more than 1, you fans get their fans , their friend…etc.

4. the importance of share button.

Share is the most useful function in social media, adding a share button in your website, making the easiest way to share.

and a share button contributes a lot to the social signal which help to improve your rank in search engine.

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