Learn to manage the working time well is very important for us, which means how to organize work plan more efficiently, the main points, rational and effective use of working time. In short, the goal is to master emphases of the work, which is a kind of self-management.

I think to achieve effectively manage the time, the following points should be noted:

1. Make work plan in advance. Such as make the next annual work plan at the end of each year; make the next quarter work plan at the end of each quarter. We can mark the things which need to be done that day in the office calendar or notepad, but also set the timely reminder in the computer system or audible electronic notebook device in case of oblivion;

2. According to the law of personal life, choose the most energetic time of a day, the most concentrated period time, to address the most important thing to achieve a multiplier effect. The research from biologists shows that physiological activities of people and all the other biological creatures have clear temporal patterns. A good person is good at managing his own time, and should be capable of knowing what time in a day will be the most efficient period, and then fully use this time to address the most important and most complex work, and to focus somewhat less time to deal with routine matters.

3. Just do it. Many people are accustomed to “wait for a good mood”, but the best time need us to grasp. Sometimes, we will think just drop the problems when we meet some trouble, but do not stubborn to the problem, we can write down, let the subconscious and the time to solve them or ask someone in a proper time. But when we meet some urgent problems which need to be solved at once, we cannot just wait at that time, as we all know that inertia is many people’s shortcoming.

When faced with difficult problems, many people can not find a decisive solution, but also has been dragging way, hope one day it can be solved by itself naturally. This is a very bad habit of procrastination, although sometimes waiting is a problem-solving strategy, but if just waiting aimlessly, the problem not only cannot be solved, but our heart will be troubled by this matter along with the time goes, then during this period, we cannot do other things well because of the bad mood, so just handle the problem whenever it comes, which is a good habit to solve the thorny matters.

4. Once received a project, try to figure out the overall arrangements, make detailed plans for the programs in advance. And as long as the plan decided, do not change easily. Sometimes we will set out the unrealistic plan due to lacking of experience, and often feel too heavy when execution time, can not be completed. At this time, do not easily change the plan, we must insist, this is a challenge to test execution ability. When we complete a difficult task, we will feel very happy. Also, our future plan will be more reasonable, and the execution ability will be stronger.

Good management is the source of wealth, “time is money” this concept has been memorized in everyone’s deep heart, especially the competitive society, time management means not only substantial economic interests, but also one’s own careers progress. Maintain the focus, doing the right thing in right time. learn to seize the key, maybe someday we will find our ability of management get improved unconsciously.