Why are some people always optimistic?

Even when faced with the bleak reality , some people are still able to keep optimism , a recent study might be able to explain why.

“Nature – Neuroscience”, a study released on October 9 , said the brain is very good at processing good news relating to the future . What’s more, for some people , they will “ignore ” all the negative information and stay positive.

Researchers of University College London said that about 80 % of people are optimists , even though they do not consider themselves optimistic.

In the study, scientists make researches on 14 volunteer individuals to evaluate their degree of optimism, and performed brain imaging to them. The researchers would ask volunteers, how some of the “worst cases” would likely happen in the real world, including divorce , or having cancer and other 80 different bad things. After that, they would tell the volunteers the real possibility that the problem may occur. When the survey is finished, the participants will again rate for those possibilities.

For optimists , they would only change their own answers slightly at the end of the survey, though referring to the real situation told by the researchers. For example , the researchers told them, the likelihood of suffering from cancer in real life is 30%. If the one was initially considered the risk of having cancer was 40%, then that ” the incidence of cancer is 30%” is good news to him, eventually he would change the rate to about 31%. But if the risk of cancer was initially filled 10% , and that ” the incidence of cancer is 30%”, which is the bad news , finally he would ignore the bad news , only raise on the basis of 10% a little more .

When the information obtained is positive, his brain has more activities in frontal lobe area, where it is related processing errors. When it is negative information obtained, for the most optimistic people, their frontal lobe activity is the weakest , while the most pessimistic have the strongest frontal lobe activity. This shows that the brain may choose information according to its preference.

The researchers said, ” Smoking can kill people, but people will not listen, because they think the real possibility that they have cancer is very low. The divorce rate is 50%, but they do not think it will happen to them.”

To adjust attitude and remain optimistic , be calm and optimistic is very important to women. In the fast-paced city life , only if we can adjust our attitude and manage our emotions, can we keep physical and mental health.