Macedonian introduction

Macedonian (Македонски) belongs to Indo-European, which is a phylum of South Slavic language branch of the eastern languages and the official language of the Republic of Macedonia. It is close to Bulgarian language and can communicate with Bulgarian users. Macedonian is also used in Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, and in the Macedonian settlements of Western Europe, North America and Australia.

There are about 2 million people to use Macedonian as their mother tongue.

Macedonian alphabet

Macedonian alphabet based on Cyrillic.

Capital letter Small letter IPA
А а [a]
Б б [b]
В в [v]
Г г [g]
Д д [d]
Ѓ ѓ [gʲ]
Е е [ɛ]
Ж ж [ʒ]
З з [z]
Ѕ ѕ [dz]
И и [i]
Ј ј [j]
К к [k]
Л л [l]
Љ љ [ʎ]
М м [m]
Н н [n]
Њ њ [ɲ]
О о [ɔ]
П п [p]
Р р [r]
С с [s]
Т т [t]
Ќ ќ [kʲ]
У у [u]
Ф ф [f]
Х х [h]
Ц ц [ts]
Ч ч [tʃ]
Џ џ [dʒ]
Ш ш [ʃ]

Common-used sentence

Macedonian македонски makedonski /’makɛdɔnski/
hello здраво zdravo /’zdravɔ/
Good morning добро утро dobro utro /’dɔbrɔ ‘utrɔ/
Good evening добро вечер dobro večer /’dɔbrɔ ‘vɛtʃɛr/
Good night добра ноќ dobra noć /’dɔbra nɔkʲ/
/’dɔbra nɔʨ/
goodbye пријатно prijatno /’prijatnɔ/
Thank you very much благодарам blagodaram /’blagɔdaram/ formal
Thank you фала fala /’fala/ informal
sorry извинете izvinete /’izvinɛtɛ/
How are you? како сте? kako ste? /’kako stɛ/ formal
How are you? како си? kako si? /’kako si/ informal
I am fine, thank you. добар сум, фала dobar sum, fala /’dɔbar sum ‘fala/

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