Sometimes It’s a mystery to me why people can be so different. Some are extremely talented while some are incredible numb; some are kind while some are mean; some are diligent and ambitious while some are idle and just want a cozy life.

I think it is unfair, too. You know, besides all the economy elements – for instance, some never have to worry about their financial problems while others are struggling their whole life to escape the poverty – why some people have intelligent gifts while some are born retarded. On the other hand, as Jane Eyre put it, we are all equal in the soul.

It is true to some extent, no matter how much we earn, what our nationality is, as human being, no one has any superiorities over others. But even only look at the soul, we can find inequality, too. Some people are living meaningful and happy life while some are being miserable and wasting their life.

But that’s why we have to fight for our life, the exact reason to inspire us to work hard and live a more meaningful life. We can make a difference. And more importantly, that’s why we can judge other people by their attitude towards life and inner world but not appearance or superficial things.