We all have the opinion that our BO system is powerful, especially when we want to find a rare resource. Almost every language in the world is included in our BO system and we have related translators in different fields. Then you must believe our work is very easy.

Actually, it is not so ideal. When we want to contact a translator, we often contact him or her through email. Then you waited and waited, and still got no reply. Then you had to make a call to the translator and informed he or she has not received any email from you. Finally, this translator founded this email in his or her spam box.

Our Japanese resources are rich. But it is always a problem when we want to do find a Japanese translator. Most of our Japanese projects are from English to Japanese Translation. China and Japan are almost in the same time zone. China is in GMT+8 and Japan is in GMT+9 which is one hour earlier than the former.

We usually received a project in the morning, but after sending emails to Japanese translators, we still got no reply then even after three or four hours. Now we are still seeking ways to make our Japanese translators easier to reach. I hope it won’t be long after our cooperation.

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