In Japan, the name of the month is very similar to china, it reflects the similarities of culture between janpan and china. The call of twelve months are睦月(january )、如月(february)、弥生(march)、卯月(april)、皐月(may)、水無月(june)、文月(july)、葉月(august)、長月(september)、神無月(october)、霜月(november)、師走(december).It shows the history of japanese months as below.

01.睦月(むつき) “睦月(january )”said that people respect and care for others, to maintain friendly relations with others. Because of this, it use “睦月”to express the beginning of the year.

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02.如月(きさらぎ) “如月(february)”means “celebrate”.People will think it is in this month’s day celebration.

03.弥生(やよい) “弥生(march)”means “new life”, all flowers and trees began to sprout. Everything looks fresh again and all things take on a new start.

04.卯月(うづき) “卯月(april)”means “growth”, everything wakes little by little .on behalf of the endless vitality and development of power.

05.皐月(さつき) “皋月(may)”means “hot summer”, because from the beginning of this season will gradually become the hot weather. The weather will get warmer day by day.

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06.水無月(みなづき) “水無月(june)” meaning of” month without water “, it is a symbol of Japan’s rainy season. It can be guessed that this may be to thanks for god of the name of pious gratitude, because the gods take all the rain to the earth, so there will no rain in the sky.

07.文月(ふみづき) “文月(july)”meaning of “correspondence of the Month”, you may have lettler when you are waiting anxiously.

08.葉月(はづき) “葉月(august)”meaning of “go home”, because for the Japanese, this is a traditional tourist season.

09.長月(ながつき) “長月(september)”meaning of “long night of the month”, probably because it will become a long night from now on.

10.神無月(かんなづき) “神無月(october)”means “month of god leave”, it was said this is because during this time, Japan will gather around the deities to the “out of the cloud”.

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11.霜月(しもつき) “霜月(november)”meaning of”frost month”, because from the beginning of this season, the weather will gradually become cold.

12.師走(しわす) “師走(december)”means “even the usually very relaxed teacher will become busy.” This is reflected before the new year arrival, people will be busy raising money and pay off debt habits. On the whole, for everyone, this is a very busy season.