Today I replied a client with the following attention: Dead XXX.

Extremely Horrible! I deeply appologize for the stupid mistake, hope the client will not mind that.

I replied the client from my iPhone when I’m in metro, the train slightly twittered as I type “r” of “Dear”, the hand phone keyboard is so tiny and my finger touched “d”, which jumped into the message wrongly.

To avoid such terrible error and misunderstanding, I will never call “Dear” in the attention, instead, I’ll use “Hello” from now on. do you think it’s OK?

Fortunately, it seems the client has not care for that much, and skipped over the error. Thanks, the client, for her magnanimousness! God bless!

I’d like to remind every one to take the lesson from this even and do review the message from start to end, never click “Send” before you’re sure that everything is free of mistake: no typo error, no spelling error, and the attachment is properly enclosed.

It’s also a lesson for us working as translators, it’s very important to re-check the translated texts after typing. Never regard yourself as infallible, errors are always hidden in your carelessness. Be careful, again and again, because It’s so close between DEAR & DEAD!