The verdict of the dreary patent war between Apple and Samsung came out this week and found the latter infringing on Apple’s several software technology and design. According to the final verdict, Apple would be awarded a whopping one billion dollars in compensation.

That also raises a question, and shall we view failure a completely bad thing? That is one good tricky question, because to different people failure could lead to completely different consequences. Let’s assume there are three kinds of people out there who might not care, over-care or reasonably care about the failures they ever encounter.

Firstly let us examine the very kind of people who tend to care little about their setbacks. They may have already had lost their last piece of confidence in everything and truly adapted themselves to the novelty life philosophy of “enjoying” the life. That is sad, and, yes, pathetic too.

And if you are not a reverend, just leave them alone and do not waste time evangelizing a positive lifestyle. Don’t worry at all, and these people have inborn immunity to any failures.

And now let’s take a look at the over-care type of people who constantly get devastated by even minor setbacks they meet with in life. To be honest, I used to be one of them, over suppressing myself and habitually weighing how others would think of me and what I did over and over again.

Once stricken by something as huge as defined failure, one of these people may feel hopeless and may, in the worst scenario, lose the will for life. Maybe it sounds a little overstated, but I think I might be able to offer some official statistics on suicide rate these years and events they were concerned.

Lastly, we shall discuss those who can care about various failures just in the proper amount. Obviously they are pretty good at handling emotions, knowing that to be extremely pessimistic or optimistic wouldn’t help at all.

In most cases, they just clear up their thoughts, learn from the mistakes made, and reorganize their life. They are the type of people who need the least emotional comfort.

To sum it up, failure is a good thing that keeps testing every and each person’s mentality. Some may drown and some may grow into a stronger version. Good precautions may also be needed, and varyingly appropriate amount of affection should be distributed to the three types of people respectively.